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FOH  with approval from the school have invested in a number of ‘Heywood Prep’ branded items that can be purchased for the children or as gifts for family & friends.

The first of our new merchandise range is this fantastic Heywood Prep sports water bottle:

Made from stainless steel, the bottle is presented in a gorgeous school blue and adorned with the school logo, size 224x70x70mm. The bottles are available from the School Office, priced at £10.00 each (all proceeds to FOH).

Also available: The Heywood Prep Umbrella!

Available in three versions: (1) Heywood Prep; (2) Heywood Prep Parent; (3) Heywood Prep Grandparent. 


Umbrellas can be purchased for £17.50 each from Emma Goodwin or the school office. Stocks are limited, so please hurry!

Alternatively, please contact Lucy Coxall  email: lucycoxall@yahoo.co.uk

Cash or cheques (made payable to Friends of Heywood).

 Last updated October 2015