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Help your child discover a love of music with Heywood Humbugs!

Heywood Humbugs is a brand new fun and friendly morning session of music, song and movement for 2-4 year olds and their parents. These themed sessions have been part of Heywood Prep’s Nursery curriculum for some time, and are so popular with children and parents, we have decided to offer them to everyone.

Every week we:

• Discover and play a new instrument
• Find out how different instruments work
• Sing action songs
• Learn about rhythm
• Have lots of fun with music
• Eat cake and drink coffee

Making use of all the school’s musical resources, Heywood Humbugs sessions combine lots of hands-on music making with fun and inspiration, helping your child develop a love of music!

Angelique Williamson is Head of Music at Heywood Prep. She is also a Director of the Malmesbury Music Academy and leads the Blue Sky Children’s Choir, a cross-schools community initiative.

Friday, 10.15-11.00am. Free taster session. £4 per session, £35 per 10 week term. Starts 22 April 2016.

For more details, call 01249 713379 or contact office@heywoodprep.com