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Sports News w/c 27th November

Sports Newsletter w/c 27th November 2017


U8 Jnr Boys' Rugby v Westonbirt

On Monday, the U8's and B's played against Westonbirt. The A team began quite slowly, particularly with their tagging. However, after realising this they began to organise themselves much better and had much more success. The team possesses some strong runners in Luke, Jack and Henry. However, there were excellent contributions from Monte and William this week. However, the POM goes to Henry Dent for his strong running and excellent tagging.

POM: Henry D


The B's had a much more even game, with plenty of good running from Joshua and Oliver. However, their organisation needs a little work and this will help with their tagging. Well done though for a great game with plenty of tries.

POM: Joshua



U9 Jnr Boys' Rugby v Westonbirt

On Monday Heywood played Westonbirt and produced a commanding performance resulting in a 10-3 win. All of the boys demonstrated superb commitment defensively and played some wonderful rugby in the loose. The team demonstrated a superb level of fitness compared to their opposition and this showed particularly in their defence, maintaining their defensive line and waiting until the ideal moment to commit to the counter ruck. Player of the match went to Tom D for taking the match by the scruff of the neck in tight moments both in defence and attack.

POM: Tom D


U8 Jnr Girls' Hockey Festival @ KES Bath

A team

We played three matches at king Edward's against KES, Monkton, St Margaret's. Everybody played really well they were getting into space and scoring loads of goals. We beat Moncton 2-0, we beat KES A 5-1 and we beat St Margaret's 4-1. Mrs Slade commented on how well the girls played as a team.


POM: Rosie


B team

We were at king Edward's and we played against KES, KES AND KES. the team played really well we just lost the first match, we drew the second and we lost the last we discussed spreading out. Mr Ruane was very impressed with the way we listened to advice. Charlotte played well, unfortunately we went a player down after a pre-match mishap.


POM: Lily


U9 Jnr Girls' Hockey Festival @ Monkton Combe Prep


On Monday 27th November Heywood went to Monkton Combe Prep school. We played 3 matches against Monkton and KES, and won one of them 4-0. I have picked Verity as my player of the match for her amazing position and scoring a great goal.

Written by Holly

POM: Verity


On Monday 27th November, Heywood travelled to Monkton Combe. We played 3 matches and won all of them. The first match we won 1-0, the second 2-0 and the third 3-0. The player of the match is somene who showed great defence techniques, by blocking the ball and passing it out, and it goes to Lily.

Written by Elena

POM: Lily


U11 Girls' Football Festival @ Kingswood


On Wednesday 29th November u11 girls went to Kingswood to play a football tournament. Firstly, we played Kingswood and we managed to win 2-0. Secondly, we played Kingswood again we lost 1-0. After that, we played Paragon and won 2-0. Next, we played Paragon again and we won 2-1. After that, we played Kingswood with a challenging game but we lost 2-0. Finally, we played Warminster with the final score of 1-0 to them. We showed great positivity when playing even though we didn't have much practice. Also we communication when passing. My player of the match is Roxy in recognition for her great passing and moving into space. Everyone played very well. 

By Emily

POM: Roxy


U10 Girls' Football Festival @ Royal High School, Bath


Today we played football at Royal High School, where we played against 3 different Paragon teams, 1 Warminster team and 1 Royal High team. We won 2 games, lost 2 games and drew 1. Our goalies were Hattie, Florence, Emily N and Georgina. My Player of the match is Rebecca because she defended the goal well when in defence and kicked it away firmly so that the ball did not come and she also scored a goal. 

Written by Georgina

POM: Rebecca


U10A & B Boys' Football Festival @ KES Bath


On Wednesday 29th of November Year 5 boys went to play at a Bath schools' tournament and we were played five games. From what I saw in the match we need of the A team, we need to work on firm passing, positioning and shooting from the right place! But, otherwise we played very strong and as a result we won 3 of our 5 matches. The stand out performers was Josh, Ed A and Alfie F. My man of the match was Joshua, for an overall great performance.

By Rowan

POM: Joshua


U11 Boys' Football Festival @ Kingswood


On Wednesday Heywood took part in the Bath Schools football festival held at Kingswood upper. With a cold wind blowing down from the Urels, Heywood played against Paragon, Kingswood, KES and Stonar. Despite not finding victory in the games themselves the boys can take heart from not giving up and maintaining an obdurate attitude in the face of adversity. Player of the match goes to Will for playing in all positions on the pitch despite carrying an injury.

POM: William



Christopher Knight

Director of Sport