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Sports News 

 Sports Newsletter w/c 16th October 2017

As the first half of term draws to a close and we all look forward to a well-earned break, I would like to reflect once again on an extremely positive week of sport.

On Monday, I was delighted with the performances of the girls’ teams taking on RHS Bath, particularly the U8’s putting in a wonderful winning team performance. On Wednesday three boys’ rugby teams competed in a Bath Schools’ Festival. The U11’s won all of their games whilst the U10’s had won all of their games but narrowly lost their last game vs Monkton Combe Prep.  The U11 Girls travelled to Royal High School for a festival, winning one game and losing the other narrowly by one goal.

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Team Reports

 Girls' Hockey U9A v Royal High School, Bath

 We played Bath Royal high school on Monday 16th October and sadly lost 2-4. We think that we were brilliant at communicating with each other on the pitch and that we never gave up. Our player of the match is Lily for her excellent defence and never losing sight of the ball. Next time we need to work on our accuracy and making sure someone is there to receive the ball.

By Anna and Violet

 Player of the Match- Lily


 Girls' Hockey U9B v Royal High School, Bath

Unfortunately, today we lost our match 0-2 against Bath Royal High School. We had great communication but we need to make sure that only one of us is tackling the other team at a time. My player of the match is Sophia because she was stopping the ball by intercepting passes and running it to our goal.

By Amy

 Player of the Match- Sophia


Girls' Hockey U8A v Royal High School Bath

 On Monday 16th October, we played Bath Royal High School and won 4-1. We played very well and used the space effectively. My player of the match was Tabitha because she has improved her game play and work hard throughout the match.

By Rosie 

Player of the Match- Tabitha


Girls' Hockey U8B v Royal High School Bath

On Monday 16th October, we played a very equally challenging game against Bath Royal High School and drew 1-1. Next time we need to work on our communication and saying when we are free. My player of the match was Isobel because she was a great defender and marked the players well.

By Charlotte

Player of the Match- Isobel


Wednesday 18th October

Girls’ Hockey U11  Bath Schools’ Festival at Royal High School Bath

On the Wednesday 18th October Heywood Prep Yr 6 girls' team went to Royal High School to play in the Bath Schools’ festival. Our first match was against Warminster School, it was a great match and the end score was 1 – 2.  Secondly, we played St. Stephens, and our final score was 2- 1 to us. Finally, we played Royal High, it was a tough match but we pulled through and the girls played fantastically, the score was 3-2 to Royal High. My player of the match is Libby for amazing skills and positivity. A special mention goes to Charlotte for scoring a lot of goals. Well done to the whole team.

Written by Emily

Player of the Festival –  Libby


Boys’ Rugby  U11 v Bath School’s Festival at Kingswood Snr School

 We set out to Kingswood upper to play a rugby tournament. The squad included all of the year 6 boys.

The first match was against Monkton and we had an outstanding game and won the match. The second match we had was against The Paragon and we also won that. Our hardest match was against Kingswood blacks, we played hard and successfully won that match. Our last match was against Kingswood reds and we won that.

Our performance was outstanding our tackles were superb and we made  lots of  ground and Alex named himself the tank because he barged through a great deal of players and that is why he is Player of the tournament.

Player of the Match -  Alex


Boys’ Rugby  U10A v Kingswood Prep

 On Wednesday Years 5 and 6 went to Kingswood for a bottoms up competition.

Year 5a played 4 games against Kingswood upper. I felt like in the Match Heywood put in some good tackles (at times) but what we really need to work on is for the first person to ruck over so the opposition don't counter ruck. I also think that our tackles need to be lower. Finally, I thought that sometimes you have to take the tackle (when your running) rather than trying to weave in and out of our defenders.

My man of the match is Joseph for excellent tackles!

by Rowan

Player of the Match -  Joseph


Boys’ Rugby  U10B v Bath School’s Festival at Kingswood Snr School

We played four matches. We won the first three quite easily. We passed the ball a lot and scored lots of tries. Our last match against monitor was very hard but we played well and just lost by one try. Their tackling was very strong and we found it difficult going forwards.

We played Paragon, King Edwards, Kingswood and Monkton.

By Edward

Player of the Tournment - Alfie


Christopher Knight

Director of Sport

Heywood fencers hosted their first match of the new academic year against Hatherop at home on Tuesday 10 October. With fencing also popular with girls at Hatherop I took the opportunity to field our girls against theirs How did our two teams perform?


Girls team

Winning gold, silver and bronze in the U9 ISA S West Fencing Tournament earlier in the year clearly was not a fluke as the Heywood girls (Holly Witham, Michelle Katsande, Rebecca Loban and Lily Cockett) dominated this match from beginning to end with Captain Rebecca achieving her best fencing result so far, winning all 3 bouts and only conceding 2 hits all afternoon.  She took her time in deciding when to attack and when to hang back. This new approach worked very well for her and is something she wants to develop. As captain she set an excellent example, encouraging her team mates throughout the afternoon. Michelle fought her matches with customary determination, setting opponents up with feints and falses before moving in for the kill. This strategy was to bring her a clean sheet of wins. The story was the same for Holly Witham as she too won all her bouts though was put under a great deal of pressure by one opponent, forcing her to take the result to the final hit before dispatching her with an explosive lunge.  Newcomer Lily won 3 from 4 bouts though has only been fencing since September and shows a great deal of promise.  Her beat attacks and parry ripostes were too much for her opponents though she narrowly lost to Hatherop's most experienced fencer by one hit.   This was a very impressive display from a team that gelled from the beginning and romped home well deserved 11- 1 winners. The boys who are fencing in the return fixture have big shoes to fill to match that performance. 


Result 11 -1 win to Heywood



Boys’ Team

This match was nip and tuck all the way with both teams unable to build a lead. Captain Ollie Corker gave a commanding performance winning all of his contests and should be very proud of his efforts. His was a focused display of precision fencing, changing tactics and causing confusion against everyone he faced - most impressive. George Witham and Alex Fox also gave a good account of themselves, George winning two bouts and Alex one. With more patience in attacks and setting opponents up to be hit, they could have both won at least another bout each. Something they can think about when preparing for future fixtures. Oliver Kidner never stopped trying in his contests but found his opponents' greater level of experience a little too much on this occasion.  He came within a point of victory on two occasions and I suspect the scent of victory caused him to be over enthusiastic when a cooler head was required.  He will come again.  The final score was a 6-6 draw and I look forward to see if we can get an away win after half term. 


Result 6-6 draw