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Summer holiday work

Who was it said that if you work in a school you get all the long holidays when nothing really happens?  I am sure we have all heard that statement many times before but, here at Heywood Prep, we can assure you that not only does nothing stop in the summer holiday but it becomes the time when we can take the school apart ready to put it together again looking bigger and better for when the children and parents return in September.  So, while you may have been sunning yourself on the beaches or trekking through the rain virtually anywhere in the UK, Heywood has been a hive of activity.

You have to make something look worse before it gets better and we have certainly proved that point over the last few weeks.  While some teachers have been able to get in early to sort their rooms out, others have had to wait until the stripping off of the old paint on the walls and doors in the hall stairs and landing was done before they could venture into school.  They then had to pause again while the new paint was put on but, in the meantime, had to step over carpet offcuts that were left behind ready for the new carpets that have been laid just this week to make the communal areas of the school look fresh and lovely again.

Outside, the Nursery flower beds have all been dug out by Mr Cook and, this weekend were replanted with sensory plants and flowers and with areas for each of the 5 Nursery classes to call their own ready for their topics on ‘things that grow’ and ‘insects and plants’.  The Little Adventure playground has been taken down and the area under the cedar tree has had tarmac and astroturf laid in readiness for what we are already affectionately calling “Uncle Thom’s Cabin” where Mr Ruane’s Year 6 class will be housed from September.  By Thursday this week, Mr Ruane should have the biggest Wendy house in the school.  We are trying to persuade him to have a resident gnome (or two) but he thinks that is a step too far!  Mr Cook has also leant his muscle to clearing the beds in Antonia’s Garden so that the Eco Club can really get planting in the new term and the wisteria around the main house has been given a little bit of a haircut so there are no longer tendrils of plant creeping in through classroom windows.

Over in the Boat House, Mr Dodds has been deconstructing the old shelving and toilets, with a little bit of supervision and “helpful” advice from Mr Knight, our new Director of Sport who has been a regular feature here over the summer.  He has then put up some brand new storage ready for the new games lessons in September.  Mr Dodds and Mr Knight have also transported some cricket nets over to Biddestone for the new cricket season and some preseason practice.

Whilst all this work has been going on we have had a really busy time in Holiday Club and the special Prep sessions on music, sport, art and science have proved a big success for the older children.  We will be doing more of these in the future.  Those of you who are on Facebook will already have seen our wonderful new Nursery Playground markings.  Holiday Club have had a great time on the roadway and learning how to play hopscotch in between showers.

Finally, shoe lockers, coat pegs and games lockers have been relabelled ready for the new term and new furniture is due to arrive where it is needed.  Teachers have been doing their short, medium and long term planning and sorting out their resources and Dan Collier and his team have put together the new menus for September which are up on the website.   Next time someone says how easy it is to work in a school because of the long holidays perhaps we should all be a little more circumspect about the truth behind that statement.  Having said that, we are all really looking forward to welcoming you and your children back in September as Heywood isn’t the same without them!