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Nursery Gallery (46 images)

Observation Evening (5 images)

Year 5 and 6 Trip to We the Curious (formally @Bristol) (4 images)

Year 5 and 6 Trip to We the Curious (formally @Bristol)

Some of the Great Heywood Bake Off Entries (18 images)

Entries for the Great Heywood Bake Off competition

Great Heywood Bake Off (4 images)

Pictures of Cakes brought in to School in various categories.

Year 3 Trip (4 images)

Bath Rugby (7 images)

Heywood Sport W/C 18/09/17 (2 images)

Photographs from our matches this week

Summer Holiday work (27 images)

Summer works

Heroes and Villains Open Morning 30th September 2017 (2 images)

Open day September 2017

Open day 30th September 2017 (2 images)

Heroes and Villains

Olivia, June 2017 (52 images)

Democracy at Heywood (10 images)

A Day in the Life (21 images)

Open morning 13th May 2017 (63 images)

Open morning 13th May 2017

World Book Day 2017 (29 images)

Year 1 Page (18 images)

Y1 Page

2013-10 Halloween Disco (35 images)

Photos from the Haloween Disco 2013

Ski Trip Day 3 and Bowling (7 images)

Ski Trip Day 3 and Bowling

Ski Trip Easter 2016 (11 images)

Ski Trip 2016 - La Molina, Spain

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (44 images)

Year 3 & 4 play, March 2016

WBD 2016 (32 images)

World Book Day

Year 3 Roman Day (18 images)

Barn Refurbishment (7 images)

Harvest Festival 2015 (18 images)

Pre Prep Sports Day (11 images)

Bugsy Malone (22 images)

New Kitchen (6 images)

Year 6 (17 images)

Trip to France

Time Travel Day (50 images)

Bees with Year 1 (5 images)

Candlelit Carols (13 images)

Speech Day 2014 (48 images)

The Jungle Book (32 images)

Summer Fun! (57 images)

A fantastic night of fun for Heywood Prep children and their families. The sun shone, the Pimms flowed, and if during the evening, England bombed out of the World Cup, you'd never have known.

Robin Hood by Years 3 and 4 (27 images)

It was a fantastic night at the end of the Easter term when Years 3 and 4 took us back to the Sherwood Forest and the tale of the man who stole from the rich to give to the poor.

Year 2 Pirate Day (11 images)

2013-12 Nativity (72 images)

Photos from the Pre-Prep Nativity

Our Week in Pictures 15/11/13 (11 images)

Photos from around the school this week

Bushcraft October 2013 (28 images)

We ran a Bushcraft Day during half-term, which was great fun!

Class Photos (9 images)

Room on the Broom (4 images)

Reception had their first school trip - to see Room on the Broom. In anticipation, they have been doing some work on the plot and characters.

Alice in Wonderland Comes to Heywood Prep (7 images)

To celebrate Book Week, Years 1 & 2 have been enjoying a day of Alice in Wonderland themed activities

Book Week 2013 (22 images)

As part of our book week celebrations, illustrator and author, MP Robertson visited us and led a series of workshops.

The Great Fire of London (10 images)

Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London

Year 1 Computer Science (4 images)

Year 1 had their first Computer Science lesson in our new Technology Room.

Fencing! (4 images)

Our new Fencing coach gave a demonstration

Bushcraft Day (6 images)

Our intrepid Holiday Club crew enjoyed learning some bushcraft skills

Speech Day July 2013 (41 images)

Photographs from our end of year Speech Day and Prize Giving

Reception Nature Studies (14 images)

Reception have been enjoying learning about the world around us.

Fleeced! (33 images)

Years 4, 5 & 6 put on two wonderful performances of Fleeced, the story of Jason and the Argonauts

Reception Class Golden Time (13 images)

The Reception Class enjoyed exploring this huge wasp nest and learning all about how it was made.

A Fire Engine visited our Nursery! (15 images)

Mr Turner and the MOD Fire Crew paid our Nursery a visit...

Year 5 trip to the SS Great Britain (8 images)

Year 5 visited Brunel's SS Great Britain in June 2013

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Workshops (5 images)

The Friends of Heywood kindly funded a day of workshops for the children.

Scarecrow Diary (4 images)

June 2013: Art Club have been building a scarecrow for the Kington Langley Scarecrow Trail

Pre-Prep Trip to Slimbridge (9 images)

Photos from the Pre-Prep trip to the Slimbridge Wetlands Centre, June 2013

FOH Barn Dance (8 images)

The Friends of Heywood organised a fantastic barn dance to raise funds for our new outdoor classroom.

Open Day - April 2013 (10 images)

Photos from our Open Day

Red Cross First Aid Training Course (15 images)

On Friday 19th April, Year 6 took part in a First Aid course run by the Red Cross. This was a follow-on from their trip to the Life Skills Centre in Bristol. The children enjoyed learning how to treat shock victims, burns and unconscious casualties.

Music Evening, March 2013 (19 images)

An evening of music, dance, drama and poetry

Yr2 Visit to the Victoria Art Museum (17 images)

Photos from our trip, March 2013

Wiltshire Scrapstore (2 images)

Pre-Prep visit to Wiltshire Scrapstore, March 2013

Year 6 Lifeskills Centre (12 images)

Photographs from the Year 6 visit to the Lifeskills Centre, Bristol, on March 13th.

World Book Day (8 images)

We celebrated World Book Day with our favourite bedtime stories, and by wearing our pyjamas to school!

The Freedom of Corsham (13 images)

Photos from the parade to celebrate Stephanie Millward being awarded the Freedom of Corsham, March 2013

Christmas 2012 (36 images)

Year 6 model Vehicles (6 images)

In their Autumn term DT lessons Year 6 designed and made model vehicles, many of which were wind powered. A race was then held at the end of the project to see which vehicle went the furthest!

Year 6 Maths Challenge (1 images)

On Tuesday 27th November for Year 6 children attended a Maths Challenge at Rosehill School, Westonbirt; it was a challenging but fun event and Freddie, Alice, Harriet and Jade all had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

Box Rock Circus (8 images)

Planet Earth Club had a great time looking at all the different rocks and fossils in the Rock Circus in Box.

Year 3 science 2012-2013 (1 images)

Some of the exciting things we have been learning about in science this year.

Year 5 photos 2012-2013 (5 images)

Some of our activities and pieces of work

Year 2 trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park (15 images)

On 14th June 2012, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 went on their summer trip. This year we visited the Cotswold Wildlife Park and had great fun!

Year 3 Science (24 images)

View some of the exciting things that we have been learning about in science.

Year 3 PE in action (5 images)

Year Three have been working on jumping and landing, balancing and using the apparatus safely.

Year 3 Science (12 images)

Look at all our exciting science activities.

Peter Pan - H4H (2 images)

Summer Activities (10 images)

Diamond Jubilee (4 images)

Our Jubilee Pageant vessels (4 images)

We designed some great vesssels of our own for the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant

Jubile Tea Party (6 images)

Sandwiches, jelly and ice-cream were on the menu for our Jubilee Tea Party. Having just taking part in the Sponsored Walk in Corsham Court Park, everyone was eager to tuck in!

Year 4 Science (20 images)

View some of the exciting things that we have been learning about it science.

Year 3 and 4 Games Photographs (26 images)

View all the different games and PE activities that we have taken part in.

Aquathon success (1 images)

Olympic Relay (17 images)

On Wednesday 23rd May, Heywood Preparatory School and Wigwam Nursery cheered on the Olympic Torch in Chippenham. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the event; it was an unforgettable experience!

Year 6 Olympic Torches (8 images)

On Tuesday 22nd May, Year 6 designed and made their own Olympic Torches.

Bluebell Trip 2012 (3 images)

Summer Term (4 images)

Bluebell Woods Trip (10 images)

Summer Term (4 images)

Our Indian Workshop (15 images)

A representative from Action Aid provided us with a great workshop linked to our study of an Indian village in Geography. We enjoyed looking at slides and lots of artefacts. Some of us dressed up in typical Indian clothes and we tasted some tasty Indian food! We also tried some block printing and really enjoyed having bindis on our foreheads and henna decorations on our hands.

Sports Relief (4 images)

We raised money for Sports Relief by running a mile long course around Corsham Court

Yr 6 - Investigating cress growth (6 images)

In Science, Year 6 have been investigating the conditions needed for good, healthy cress growth.

BUSH CRAFT ~ Year 5 (14 images)

Spring Term 2012. (13 images)


EASTER CLUB WEEK 2 (4 images)

Easter Bonnet Parade! (10 images)

Spring 2012 (13 images)

Open Morning 2012 (26 images)

MACBETH (18 images)

Schools in Focus (8 images)

Year 6 Science (7 images)

Year 6 have been making fairground rides and attractions using electric circuits.

Year 6 - Trip to the Lifeskills Centre (12 images)

On February 28th 2012 Year 6 visited the Lifeskills Centre, Bristol. The children had an excellent and exciting time learning about the importance of keeping safe, both in and around the home. Areas covered included road and river safety, how to deal with accidents and emergencies, and identifying dangers in a typical household kitchen.

Year 1 art (25 images)

These are some of our art activities.

Open Morning. (7 images)

A big thank you to everyone who came!

Halloween Disco 2011 (40 images)

Harvest Gifts (8 images)

Year 6 giving out our gifts to the elderly in Corsham.

Year 5 and 6 games photgraphs (33 images)

View some of the different games and activities we have taken part in.

Year 6 Vehicles (4 images)

Some of Year 6's finished models, made in DT lessons.

Year 5 DT (3 images)

Some of the musical instruments designed and made by Year 5 in their Autumn DT lessons.

Year 6 DT (3 images)

Year 6 pupils making model vehicles during the Autumn term.

Autumn term events (11 images)

Year 3s examples of work. (11 images)

View some of the work we have enjoyed this year.

Year 1 and Reception Christmas Play (4 images)

The Inn Keeper's Breakfast

Ted's Big Day Out (7 images)

Year 5 Class Talks. (9 images)

Christmas Fayre (14 images)

Jax Dance Club (4 images)

Love in a Box (7 images)

Art Club 2011 (14 images)

General Photos (8 images)